Different variants of tomato ketchup packaging

Tomato ketchup is crowned as the most famous type of condiment across the globe, and it could be utilized in several ways. Here is the thing about ketchup—it could be devoured in several ways, and it is not simply restricted to French fries, nuggets, or chicken tenders. Everyone loves ketchup, and they would love to learn the different ways to devour ketchup as a condiment:

1) Pour it over pasta

If you do not have anything other than a pack of raw pasta and ketchup bottle in your pantry then, you can boil pasta and pour ketchup over it to diminish your hunger. We know that it may not be a lot but, it should be enough to kill your hunger pangs before you are able to eat something wholesome. Or, if you specialize in making pasta then, you can add a small portion of tomato ketchup for enriching the flavor of the pasta, and of course, to make it saucier.

2) Bread pizza

There is nothing more frustrating than having a limited selection of foods in your pantry but, if you follow the “less is more” motto then, you can make a simple and delicious bread pizza as an appetizer. Since, bread pizza takes no more than 5 minutes—we would suggest using tomato ketchup instead of pizza sauce, and you will certainly notice a difference.

3) Spice up your egg-fried rice

If you want to add a hint of flavor to egg fried rice then, it doesn’t get any better than using ketchup for leveling up the flavor of your dish. Of course, one would suggest eating chicken Manchurian with egg-fried rice, and guess what is the central or key ingredient for the preparation of egg-fried rice? Yes, it is tomato ketchup!